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Combining Learning Technology
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  • totara3

    Our business platform is a game-changing Learning Management System (LMS) for the corporate sector.

    Individual Learning Plans
    Create development plans and individual learning paths based on roles & competencies.

    Manage training events
    Efficient management of blended learning, online and face to face training events.

    Track Learning Progress
    Extensive report builder and dashboard reporting.

    Manage team development
    Import or create management hierarchies for effective team development by managers.


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  • stude2

    Our education platform is a web application that educators use to create dynamic online learning sites.

    Easy To Use

    We know how busy you are, and we know how to make things easier. Teachers and administrators are saving hours by using the SLP for education platform, and their students are loving it. We are re-designing what a Learning Management System should look and feel like, making the user experience more like the tools you are already using. 

    Everything you need

    We keep things simple, so that you get everything you do need, without the clutter you dont. 


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    Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more. You and your team will love what Google Apps can do.

    Discover a better way of working
    Web based email, calendar and documents that let you work from anywhere.

    Everything your business needs
    Focus on building your business with secure, straightforward, cost effective productivity tools.

    The tools your employees want
    Familiar tools that help people work the way they want—from anywhere, with anyone, and on any device.


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