Social Learning Project

Choosing the social learning project for your business will result in simple, fast and effective employee training and deliver an unmatched return on investment.Our research shows that less than 5% of companies pay for staff training outside of utilizing their own staff for company training. Our mission is to ensure that the 5% who pay for this premium get an unmatched return on investment and the ability to realize that any companies most valuable asset are the ones on two feet.

Let the world become your classroom

The social learning project provides you with tools that enable to you collaborate and learn across the global community.

Maximize Productivity with Google

We have integrated the webs most familiar and innovative tools in our platform in order to optimize the corporate training experience.

Bring Google into the Classroom

Add the flexibility of collaborating on documents, sharing calendars and staying connected on any device from any location Google apps means your course material is ready wherever you need it to be

Slp is made for the web. Connect to our education platform from anywhere

Use chrome books or any device with an internet connection and modern browser to access your learning material and tools connect, engage and collaborate with your team from anywhere

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